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How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay that Stands Out?

The two sections should link with a strong transition that shows the relationships between the subjects. Remind the reader about your thesis statement and summarise the major points about subject A and a snapshot of the points you will discuss on Subject B.

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Your conclusion should summarise and analyse the findings, reminding the audience of the relationships you have identified between subject A and subject B. How to write a compare-and-contrast essay The purpose such assignment is to analyse the differences and the similarities between two subjects. Formulating your argument When formulating your compare and contrast essays argument, pick two subjects that are adequately different to be compared.

They can come from the same category but have noticeable differences. You can also settle on two subjects that are seemingly different but have a surprising similarity. You can also settle of two seemingly familiar subjects but in actual sense, they are different.

Ensure that the subjects can elicit a meaningful discussion. By meaningful, you transcend pointing out differences and help the reader in understanding the importance of putting the two subjects together. Move to the brainstorming stage of your topic and think about their similarities and differences.

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This will assist you in settling on the major points for your essay. Consider your major points that you think are particularly important.

Comparison/Contrast Essay

Then go ahead and develop your thesis that explains why it is importance to put the two subjects together. Show the audience why the why one subject is more important than the other is and help them make meaningful comparisons between the two. Show the audience the similarities and the differences between the two subjects. Organizing your essay Select the structure that works best for your compare and contrast essays.

The organisation of your essay is subject to change if you are not satisfied with the one you are using. You can use a subject-by-subject structure that deals with points of topic A and moves to points of topic B. You have to ensure that there are transitions and signposts between points when using this format. This helps in preventing confusion. You can also use compare and contrast format, which presents all the comparisons first, and then all the contrasts follow.

This is particularly helpful when you want to show the differences between your subjects.

Step 1 - Choose Your Subject

However, the audience might fail to notice when the two subjects are being contrasted if all the similarities come first. Outline your essay This helps you in working out the main organisational structure and gives you a template that you can use while developing your idea. The following types of paragraphs must be there irrespective of how you want to organise your ideas. The introduction It comes first and presents the fundamental information about the subjects to be compared and contrasted. It should present your thesis to the reader and the direction that your essay is going to take.

Body Paragraphs This is the flesh of your essay that provides details and evidence to corroborate your claims. Each paragraph of the essay should tackle a single idea that connects with the central idea. It should also present evidence and examples that prove your thesis statement. Use as many paragraphs as you can to prove your thesis statement. Acknowledgement of competitive arguments or the concession This is the acknowledgement of the existence of contradicting arguments. This paragraph discusses their inapplicability and flaws. Conclusion This summarises the evidence you have presented in the compare and contrast essays.

It restates thesis statement in a manner that gives more information or sophistication that the introduction could not achieve. In fact, your audience has all the information they need concerning the solidity of your argument. You need to end it powerfully. EssayMin is an online writing platform connecting you to the best academic writers.

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comparison contrast essay model Comparison contrast essay model
comparison contrast essay model Comparison contrast essay model
comparison contrast essay model Comparison contrast essay model
comparison contrast essay model Comparison contrast essay model
comparison contrast essay model Comparison contrast essay model
comparison contrast essay model Comparison contrast essay model
comparison contrast essay model Comparison contrast essay model
comparison contrast essay model Comparison contrast essay model

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