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It was still a winding road, however.

Hamilton College

I knew that, ultimately, I didn't want to work at a newspaper, so after graduation I didn't pursue a job in that field. After about a year of temp jobs, I went back to the same newspaper where I did my internship and worked full time for a year. It was a fantastic experience and I was so glad I did it, even though I still didn't want to work in newspapers.

I learned so much about how to be a professional writer by working there. It's hard to pick just one! Newspapers taught me a lot about working to deadline, interviewing sources, editing, and more. I loved the fast pace of each day. I got a solid foundation of experience there and was lucky enough to have an editor who was a real mentor to me.

I enjoyed magazines mainly because, at one particular national magazine, I loved the team of editors I worked with and I loved the variety in my job. I wrote, but also edited and produced pages, which meant planning content and coordinating photo shoots. I built on my experiences at newspapers and magazines to get freelance work writing children's books for educational publishers. It's fun because I always wanted to write for children, and the topics are really interesting.

I work on assignment, so it's a great way to have some stability as a freelancer.

News & Events

Throughout my career, I've always assessed the market, pitched ideas, created artwork, collaborated with artists, and worked with publishers and editors to develop successful projects. I enjoy every aspect of creating books and decided to move into book producing because I realized, at this point, I'm already doing it! I can't say I'm completely familiar with the curriculum currently being offered.

However, I do remember that one of my favorite courses was in public relations. It was taught by the person who handled public relations for the college, and it felt very applicable to the real world. We wrote press releases and scripts for promotional videos and worked on other assignments that taught me about writing in the real world.

It's a great degree to pursue if you love writing!

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Naturally, it's very valuable if you want to write professionally, even if you don't know exactly what you want to do. It can prepare you for work in newspapers, marketing, public relations, publishing, and other writing-related fields, and it's also useful to have strong writing skills for work in other fields, too. Meet More of our Experts. Choosing a college program is a highly personal decision based on your own unique goals, needs, and preferences.

That said, every prospective writing student can benefit from considering the five factors listed below. As mentioned earlier in this guide, bachelor's degrees in writing come in many forms. Though an English degree, featuring courses in literature, critical theory, and fiction writing, might be ideal for the aspiring novelist, it might not serve the needs of someone hoping to work in technical communication. Look for programs with learning outcomes that reflect your goals. A great teacher can turn a course into a valuable experience that stays with you long after graduation.

Locate the department faculty webpage of each school on your list to examine faculty qualifications. In a writing program, you want to learn from teachers with terminal degrees and published works. Look over the major core requirements of each prospective program to see what types of writing courses are available.

Do they allow for workshop opportunities with peers? Are assignments smaller, exercise-based work or longer-form pieces? Think about what you want out of your writing classes and seek out a corresponding degree plan. Another important factor to consider when choosing a college program is deciding whether or not you'd like to gain some professional experience during school. Undergraduate writing programs rarely require internships to graduate, but they may be available as an elective option for students interested in the opportunity.

Schools gain accreditation by voluntarily submitting to third-party evaluation of their budgets, curriculum, faculty qualifications, student services, and other operational factors. Accreditation acts as a quality guarantee and helps ensures the transferability of your undergraduate credits.

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The Truth About Being a Creative Writing Major - Ask Me Anything Ep. 4

Wisconsin top of page. Wyoming top of page. Canada top of page. Ending with a final thesis, the BFA offers truly ambitious writers the opportunity to work on a major project as part of their coursework. The Emerson creative writing faculty is stocked with fantastic talent and the campus is home to nationally-renowned publications Ploughshares and Redivider. With alumni like Toni Morrison, E. A minor within the Department of English, students of creative writing develop their own course of study with their advisor, allowing for maximum flexibility to fit almost any interest. Cornell is focused on fiction and poetry, but they combine the study of literature with creative writing courses to create a holistic educational program for any passionate writer.

Scholarships are available for writers who show special promise. With concentrations in poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and playwriting, the Hamilton program focuses on cultivating the human imagination while emphasizing the beauty and complexity of language. The Annual Bucknell Seminar for Undergraduate Poets offers 10 Fellowships to current students who take part in a 3-week summer intensive, and the writers in residence program ensures that there are stellar minds and brilliant writers on campus throughout the year. English majors with an Emphasis in Creative Writing rave about the intimate workshops and engaged faculty. We know, MIT for creative writing? Your first thought when you hear MIT may be engineering, but this school is great at more than computer programming and robotics. In addition to the traditional options of fiction, poetry, or nonfiction prose, MIT offers majors in Science Writing, designed for those interested in science journalism, and Digital Media, which focuses on the interactive and nonlinear narrative structures that are made accessible through digital publication.

Students can also take part in independent studies, transforming their work into a ready-to-publish manuscript.

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