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Responsibility and the State

The Prime Minister of India , Narendra Modi, has said to discuss this topic in the schools, colleges and other places at the Republic Day celebration of India We have provided here variety of essay on my Duty towards my Country in order to help students. All the my Duty towards my Country essay are written using simple English language especially for the students.

They can select anyone according to the need and requirement:. It is a task or action needed to be performed as a job by each and every citizen of the country. Everyone must follow all the rules and regulation as well as be courteous and loyal for responsibilities towards the nation. There are various duties of a person towards nation such as economical growth, development, cleanliness, good governance, quality education, removing poverty, removing all the social issues, bring gender equality, have respect to everyone, go for voting, remove child labour to give healthy youths to the nation and many more.

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Duty towards country is having moral commitments and performing all the individual or group responsibilities. It is must be understood by each and every citizen of the country. It is a country famous all across the world for its culture, tradition and historical heritages however still counted as developing country because of the irresponsibility of its citizens.

There is a big gap between rich and poor people. Rich people do not understand and perform their responsibilities towards poor people. They forget their responsibility of economical growth in the country which is possible by eliminating poverty from the country.

Everyone should help backward people to grow up, remove social issues, corruption, bad politics, etc running in the country. A very good example of loyal and selfless duty towards country is the duty performed by the Indian soldiers at the borders. They stand up there 24 hrs to protect us and our country from the rivals. They perform their duty regularly even they face various big problems on the orders. They are away from their loved ones and do not get comfort and luxury life.

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However, despite of getting all the basic facilities in our life, we are unable to perform even our small responsibilities like cleanliness, following rules, etc. Being a citizen or a member of the society, community, or country needs some duties to be performed individually.

Everyone has to perform duties of citizenship in the country in order provide bright future. A country is backward, poor, or developing, everything depends on its citizens especially if a country is democratic country. Everyone should exist in the state of good citizen and be loyal towards country. People should follow all the rules, regulations and laws made by the government for their safety and betterment of life. They should believe in equality and live with proper equation in the society.

First of all it is setting goals and their reaching.

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It means to be responsible for all your words, actions and even thoughts. It is the responsibility for your improvement and professional development and of course, it is the responsibility for your health and body. The possibility to promise something and to do it is one of the fact, that this person is reliable.

It is the ground of the leadership and professional growth. If the person does not want to take any responsibility, it means, that this person cannot do a lot in the real life. These people will not be able to reach the success in this life or create the family , because the family is the huge responsibility. But people, that are not afraid of the responsibility and can take it are successful and can control the situation and even the life of other people. They increase their opportunities and they are doing their best to reach the success. The interesting fact is, that even if the person is wise and have a lot of talents, but do not have the responsibility, he will not reach the success, because he will lose the support of other people, they will not trust him, because he is unreliable.

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  5. It is very difficult to be the responsible person, but you can be sure, that you will get the respect of other people if you are responsible. It will help you to change your life or to start your business, it will even help you to earn a lot of money. But the responsibility is different for every person, because all people are different and understand the information in different ways. Because of it, everyone should realize, what exactly is the responsibility in his or her life.

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    Write an Essay on Duties and Responsibilities of Students

    Toggle navigation. Benefits of the responsibility We will become more confident in our power and in ourselves. It gives us the respect of other people and also self-respect. Whether a person will die or live due to their decisions should be secondary in their decision making and they should simply ask if their actions are wrong or right, or bad or good Cooper Normally, people put focus on the dark side of human life and rarely put the emphasis on the positive side and consider existentialism as anything unattractive.

    This is the reason people are considered naturalist.


    The close relationship between freedom and responsibility informs us about the value of philosophical life. This is demonstrated when Sartre states that if there is no existence of God, at least another being exists in whom existence precedes essence and a human being that was present before may be identified through whichever concept, and this existing being is considered a man. Just eventually, he will be something, a man himself will have created what he has defined himself to be and this shows that human nature does not exist since God does not exist to conceive it.

    With nonexistence of any previous moral principle to adhere to, man has the basic freedom to make their personal system of beliefs and this personal freedom of perception is accompanied with the load of responsibility for the selections and decisions somebody creates. Every human being should be responsible for the choices they create and if somebody does not accept responsibility for the actions and choices he or she makes, one will be operating in bad faith, a kind of self-deception that results to sense of forlornness, anguish, despair, and anxiety.

    The first clear value that Socrates declares concerning a society is justice and truth since he reveals this in the initial step of his defense, which shows these as essential values for him Cooper He presented clearly that he does not undervalue justice and truth, and consider them as important elements of nationality and society.

    All through his life, Socrates administered that the unexamined life does not merit questioning whatever thing.

    Our Individual Social Responsibility Essay

    In conclusion, it can be established that freedom and responsibility go hand in hand and if a person makes a choice, he or she must assume the responsibilities that accompany the choices made. Freedom is achieved if a person accepts the responsibility and it is considered that a man is responsible for all elements for themselves, which contain the ability to make choices and do anything.

    Nevertheless, even when operating in bad faith, one is creating the selection of shunning responsibility, and it demonstrates that everybody cannot shun choice that helps them recall the fact that the destiny of a man is within himself. Cooper, John.

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    Plato: The Trial and Death of Socrates. Indianapolis: Hackett, Meditations on First Philosophy. New York: Oxford University Press,

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