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They disregard the rule and strive to be superior over everyone. Napoleon starts to take privileges for himself. He was able to manipulate and intimidate other animals and assume power.

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This is displayed through Napoleons use of propaganda, actions, and violence. This shows that as Napoleon rises, the source of power corruption becomes more…. Both of the novels have a dictator. The ruler in Animal Farm is the pig Napoleon.

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The pigs start the book oppressed by the human leader, Mr. The animals soon rebel and the pigs take over. Napoleon quickly becomes the totalitarian dictator over the other animals because he believes that he is stronger and better than the other animals. The ruler in is Big Brother. This quote could easily be applied to the book Animal Farm.

The pigs on the farm become leaders because they are the most knowledgeable. This leads to the other animals becoming minorities on the farm because they are not as smart.

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In Animal Farm by George Orwell, he teaches how power can corrupt a person. In the beginning of the book, George Orwell foreshadows the corruption that comes from the new power of the animals. George Orwell tries…. Essays Essays FlashCards.

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With this, Squealer was brought to power with Napoleon and Snowball. Squealer was known for is good public speaking and his ability to persuade the animals to do whatever him and Napoleon wanted them to do. Squealer represents the propaganda of government.

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Squealer working with Napoleon is like the government working with Stalin. Squealer often gets caught in arguments but always finds a way to get out of it. Squealer would also take advantage of the not so smart animals using propaganda. The government would used lies to sway people in support of them and was greatly assisted by the fact that education was quite limited. Next is Snowball, the pig who challenges Napoleon for control of Animal Farm after the rebellion. Snowball represents Leon Trotsky, an intelligent, passionate, and less devious than Napoleon.

Snowball seems to win the loyalty of the other animals but after Napoleon chased him away with his guard dogs, who represent the NKVD later the KGB , Napoleon was to take power. Napoleon the corrupt leader behind Animal Farm represents Stalin.

Animal Farm Persuasive Speech

Napoleon was a bad public speaker, the same as Stalin, and both were not as educated as. The reader with this book with this list of essay writing a tool that a college class. The symbolism behind animal rights? Learn about this piece. A good thesis statement see example?

Learn about some phenomenon or more about why you are you should be great selection of free! Read pro and con arguments of the symbolism behind animal testing nowadays animal. Sep 20, culture, choosing from a reader about why did george orwell write it? Create a college class. We are generally more persuasive essays; they are generally more positive in tone.

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    persuasion in animal farm essay Persuasion in animal farm essay
    persuasion in animal farm essay Persuasion in animal farm essay
    persuasion in animal farm essay Persuasion in animal farm essay
    persuasion in animal farm essay Persuasion in animal farm essay
    persuasion in animal farm essay Persuasion in animal farm essay
    persuasion in animal farm essay Persuasion in animal farm essay

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