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A meta-cognitive approach to understanding the forward testing effect , Sara Dawn Davis. Dumb and dumber: Stereotype perceptions at the intersection of race and athletic status , Caitlin Erdman.

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Prosocial aggression: Validation of a behavioral measure and model , Christopher Lee Groves. Belief perseverance: The staying power of confession evidence , Curt More. Developmental variation in the amygdala: Normative pathways across puberty and stress-linked deviations , Justin D. The role of parental stigma on self-stigma and help-seeking intentions: Differences between Asian, Asian American, and Caucasian American populations , Spurty Surapaneni.

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Intent to engage in therapeutic lifestyle changes: Impact of an intervention, self-efficacy expectations, outcome expectations, and locus of control , Kaitlyn Van Pay. From attitude to intent to action: Predictors of psychological help-seeking behavior among clinically distressed adults , Rachel Lori Bitman-Heinrichs. The distinct relationships of self-compassion and self-coldness with psychological distress and mental well-being , Rachel Elizabeth Brenner. Measuring aggressive driving motivations: Instrument development and validation , Ashley Buller.

Couples social support quality in the context of dyadic emotional experiences , Frederick Clavel.

The goal of a theoretical framework

Negation-induced forgetting: Is there a consequence to saying "no"? Would disfluency by any other name still be disfluent? Examining the boundary conditions of the disfluency effect , Jason Geller. Reasonable or restrictive? Mindfulness as a moderator of reactance to environmental messages , Anne Danielle Herlache.

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Dyadic analyses of daily interactions: Effects of perceived social support and social control on physical activity behavior , Melissa A. Don't judge a book by its author: Central and peripheral processing in narrative persuasion , Kelly Ann Kane. Evaluating the potential roles of body dissatisfaction in exercise avoidance , Kimberly Rae More.

The use of filler samples moderates the effect of contextual information on forensic match decisions , Adele Quigley-McBride. The effects of prequestions on classroom learning , Shuhebur Rahman.

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Predicting academic major satisfaction using environmental factors and self-determination theory , Mary Catherine Schenkenfelder. The effect of egocentric and environmental cues on macro-reference frame selection , Zachary Daniel Siegel. Psychometric evaluation of the Simulator Sickness Questionnaire as a measure of cybersickness , William B.

Stone Iii.

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How to engage European-American participants in racial dialogue: The role of dialogue structure and mixed race groups , Meredith Tittler. Acculturative stress, meaning-in-life, collectivistic coping, and subjective well-being among Chinese international students: A moderated mediation model , Fei Yi. The self-distracting mind in the digital age: Investigating the influence of a brief mindfulness intervention on mind wandering , Caglar Yildirim. The effects of moral disengagement and avatar identification on player experience of guilt , Johnie Joe Allen.

The relationship between congruent dimensions of the self and nostalgia , Adrienne Austin. Interpersonal risk factors, shame, and depression among Asian Americans: A longitudinal study of perfectionistic family discrepancy and self-compassion as moderators , Stephanie Carrera.

Counseling Psychology Sample Dissertations

A cross-cultural comparison of responses to true accusations and the role of honor values , Ceren Gunsoy. This term is more commonly used in qualitative research, while the term theoretical model usually appears as a tool in quantitative research. They both refer to the key theories, models and ideas that exist in relation to your chosen topic.

They give your research a direction and set boundaries for the reader. If you feel you need more general information on the focus of your literature review, it might be helpful to read the post describing the three different types of literature review.

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  5. Your theoretical model can be structured in different ways; there are no fixed rules regarding its layout and length. This study is concerned with the remediation, prediction and causal theories of developmental dyslexia and adopted a longitudinal, multi-factorial design in order to explore three principal claims.

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    8. Exclusive methods of To this end this research explores teacher - student relationships as students and In this experiment, a group of volunteers were examined on a perceptual line bisection task landmark task before and after adapting to rightward and leftward deviating prisms. The adaptation procedure lasted five minutes Impulsivity typically refers to actions made without sufficient forethought or consideration of their consequences.

      On the Fourfold Root of the Principle of Sufficient Reason

      This dissertation focuses on the neural underpinnings of this trait from a perspective of a striatal-based Attraction is the initial basis on which the vast majorities of our friendships and relationships are formed. Information forjudging attractiveness can be derived from any sensory input however the greater part of the Population ageing has become a global phenomenon.

      This demographic change flags the remarkable developments made by humanity in recent history, but it also constitutes one of the most challenging problems for contemporary This thesis set out to explore a number of constructs implicated in the sex offending literature within a sample of non-offending men. This particular sample was chosen in order to investigate the 'nonnal' presentation of

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