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Introduction to the topic and question. Point 1: Juliet refuses to marry Paris. Point 2: Capulet and Paris deciding on Juliet's marriage.

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Point 3: Capulet hearing the news of Juliet's death. Sample answer 1 Capulet is horrified when Juliet tells him that she won't marry on the Thursday and she won't marry Paris. Feedback comments — not bad but room for improvement! This candidate shows that they've got an understanding of the text, main characters and plot. They use evidence to support their points.

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To develop this further, they should focus on Capulet's emotion and why Shakespeare has presented his emotion in this way. There's some analysis of language here as the candidate has explored the use of 'wretch'. However, this should be developed. They should also look at the structure and form of the text. There's a mention of Capulet's role as the 'master of the Capulet household', which indicates a little understanding of the social and historical context.

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The important points. Arts for the optional, that you stress that is taking. This sense of mystery in the play puts a lot of drama into it because it probably gives the audience a feeling of nervousness because they are waiting the part where the Montagues and the Capulets find out. It was common for families to feud as it was a quite violent society. In this period in history obedience was very important. Youths, especially young women, were meant to be seen and not heard. This is a very significant part of the play because if Lady Capulet had never told her about this arrangement of marriage to Paris then Juliet might not of had to take immediate action and tragedy might never have happened.

This news obviously comes as a huge shock to Juliet and she expresses her feelings in an uncontrollable outburst. This part of the scene gives the audience an understanding that in their society there were arranged marriages. The parents would arrange for their children to be married into another family that was as wealthy as theirs.

Some religions have arranged marriages nowadays, but it is only in certain religions, not everyone. When being disobeyed by Juliet, Lord Capulet totally changes his character. He goes from being a loving and supportive father, as he shows earlier on in the play by not wanting her to get married until she was ready. Juliet is only It was common for girls to get married and have families in that time in history and they rarely gave them a choice, so this quotation shows some compassion from Lord Capulet.

This quotation from Act 1 Scene 2 shows him being supportive of Juliet, but in this scene he goes into a nasty and evil person telling Juliet to either marry Paris or live on the streets.

Examiner's Secrets to Romeo and Juliet

She would then probably have to go into prostitution or other means of life to support herself. This also shows how Lady Capulet has no authority over Lord Capulet, as it was a male dominated society, so Lord Capulet has complete control over Lady Capulet and Juliet. If I were the stage director of this play, in this part of the scene Juliet would be very scared with her eyes looking down at the floor while sat on her bed with her father towering above her. Lord Capulet would look angry and frustrated while Juliet would look frightened and almost in tears.

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romeo and juliet gcse essay Romeo and juliet gcse essay
romeo and juliet gcse essay Romeo and juliet gcse essay
romeo and juliet gcse essay Romeo and juliet gcse essay
romeo and juliet gcse essay Romeo and juliet gcse essay
romeo and juliet gcse essay Romeo and juliet gcse essay
romeo and juliet gcse essay Romeo and juliet gcse essay

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