Rebecca redfern thesis

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Rebecca redfern thesis

The year old clocked While Firth is favourite to pick up S14 m Freestyle gold in Rio this summer , she could also be in the running for a m Breast medal. The English swimmer came home in Click here to view results from the British Summer Championships in Sheffield. Swimming News Competitive News. British Summer Championships Griffiths, Noola K The role of concert dress in the performances of solo female classical instrumentalists.

Milner, John David Ellingtonia : the reciprocal and symbiotic relationship between Duke Ellington and his musicians.

rebecca redfern thesis

Dyson, Kathy Learning jazz improvisation. Evans, David Preview, perception and motor skill in piano sight-reading. Petroudi, Georgia Music revisited: The revision process in the twentieth century. Monks, Susan J Perceptions of the singing voice. Chase, Stephen Timothy Improvised experimental music and the construction of a collaborative aesthetic. Jones, Richard Andrew ''Banding together'' : power, identity and interaction within the concert and contest performance contexts of the Brighouse and Rastrick Brass Band. Kruger, Simone Experiencing ethnomusicology: student experiences of the transmission of ethnomusicology at universities in the UK and Germany.

Faulkner, Robert S. Mooney, James R. Moore, David Robert Real-time sound spatialization, software design and implementation. Burland, Karen Becoming a musician : a longitudinal study investigating the career transitions of undergraduate music students.

World gold medal for Worcester club swimmer

Toumpoulidis, Themistoklis D Aspects of musical rhetoric in Baroque organ music. Azadehfar, Mohammad Reza Rhythmic structure in Iranian music. Beaumont, C. Mark Musical synaesthesia in synaesthetes and its manifestation as a wider phenomenon. Harlow, Martin David Viennese chamber music with clarinet and piano, : repertory and performance strategy.

Turner, Richard John Style and tradition in string quartet performance: a study of 32 recordings of Beethoven's op.

Accession 1986-10

Bach's London keyboard sonatas : style and context. Holland, Elizabeth Jane Violet Purcell and the seventeenth-century voice : an investigation of singers and voice types in Henry Purcell's vocal music. Liao, Mei-Ying The effects of gesture and movement training on the intonation and tone quality of children's choral singing.

Rebecca Redfern wins World Para Swimming Championships gold

Dingle, Christopher Philip Understated charm : style and technique in the last works of Olivier Messiaen. Pitfield, Spencer Simpson British music for clarinet and piano : repertory and performance practice. Thomas, Julian Philip Interpretative issues in performing contemporary piano music.

Willin, Melvyn J. Adaptive and interpretive recruitment strategies of five small liberal arts colleges Student Work. Addressing counselors' personal issues in supervision : perceived impact of experience level An administrative review of an early reading intervention Student Work. Adolescent literature as a useful addition to today's curriculum Student Work. Adolescent mothers['] perception[s] of their infants and quality of mother-infant interactio Adolescent suicide : the role of the public school Student Work.

Adolescents' purpose in life and engagement in risky behaviors : differences by gender and e Adolescents' self evaluations : the influence of exposure to self evaluations of others Student Work. Adoption adjustment in Black adoptive families Student Work. The adsorption of disperse dyes on powdered activated carbon Student Work. Adult daughters of divorce : relationships among mother-daughter dynamics and daughter views Aesthetics of sport : a metacritical analysis Student Work.

Rebecca redfern thesis

Affective sharing, friendship, and outcomes among boys with autism spectrum disorders Student Work. African American female school district leaders: their career experiences and support system African American males' perceptions of factors affecting transition from middle school to hi African American mothers of children with disabilities: parental advocacy within rural speci African American parent involvement in Title I schools: establishing effective home-school-c African American single mothers and their influence on the academic success of their middle African American students' perspectives on the significance of sociocultural capital in matr An African American woman's educational journey: pragmatic and pedagogical practices of fant After-school activities and care arrangements of early adolescents : an exploratory study Student Work.

Age, physical activity patterns, estrogen levels and central circulatory responses of postme Agents of empire: entrepreneurship and the transformation of Virginia, Student Work. Aggressive and nonaggressive children : the relationship between affect, perceptions and the Aging and selective attention to location and color : visual event-related potentials Student Work.

Algorithms for enumerating invariants and extensions of local fields Student Work. All the pieces matter: discovering moral imagination along the wire Student Work. Allosteric modulation of the human cannabinoid-1 receptor: negative modulators, positive mod Alternate forms of adjustment in adult women survivors of CSA: the relationship between well Alternative communities in Caribbean literature Student Work. Alternative compensation method : a theoretical reward system model incorporating adult-life Alternative learning programs: investigation of key practices Student Work.

Alternative patterns and values of play, games, and sport in America Student Work. Alternative reinforcement and resistance to change Student Work. Alternative schooling in North Carolina, Student Work. An alternative to the alternatives: considering a progressive possibility for alternative sc America's China trade : a framework for linking the history profession with social studies c American conceptualization of Asian martial arts : an interpretive analysis of the narrative The American opera singer and the German opera system Student Work.

An analysis and comparison of the choreographic processes of Alwin Nikolais, Murray Louis, a An analysis of achievement motivation and motivational tendencies among men and women colleg An analysis of the anthropometric measurements of the U. Analysis of classes of singular steady state reaction diffusion equations Student Work. Analysis of classes of superlinear semipositone problems with nonlinear boundary conditions Student Work.

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Analysis of the concept of movement education in American elementary school physical educati An analysis of court decisions involving injuries to participants and spectators in youth sp An analysis of differences in noncognitive factors of college readiness of students before a An analysis of the duties performed by public high school head athletic coaches Student Work. The analysis of enrollment patterns and student profile characteristics at a small rural New An analysis of factors contributing to sixth-grade students' selective attention to music el An analysis of the impact of Public Law state regulation changes upon selected role a An analysis of the intergenerational patterns in two African-American families Student Work.

The analysis of James B.

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MacDonald's "A transcendental developmental ideology of education" An analysis of North Carolina homeless shelter policies: potential for fracturing the integr An analysis of nursing error among licensed nurses working in North Carolina using the taxon An analysis of overtone production techniques in saxophone teaching methods Student Work.

An analysis of performance evaluation programs for certificated personnel in fifty-one selec An analysis of the planning process used in a regional approach to establish secondary-posts An analysis of the potential of the community education process for changing the K curric An analysis of the qualifications of the mathematics instructors and of the content of the m An analysis of rater effects in reviews of scientific manuscripts Student Work.

An analysis of the recreational behavior and personality characteristics of a select group o Analysis of the relationship between specified clothing profiles and selected demographic va An analysis of reported behavior in grades 3, 5, and 7 of students who were in three class s Analysis of the schizotypal ambivalence scale Student Work. An analysis of school district demographic and dispute factors affecting services for studen An analysis of selected mechanical factors that contribute to vertical jumping height of fou An analysis of sleep deprivation factors and consequences of staying awake in the stimulus c An analysis of Smith v. Board of School Commissioners of Mobile County : the impact on home An analysis of three non-objective choreographic techniques Student Work.

Analytic path model of joint decision-making by husbands and wives Student Work. Anatomical and neuromuscular contributions to anterior knee shear force during single-leg la The anatomy of joy: transforming perceptions of mysticism in the Early Modern period Student Work. And then there was light: lighting art in flute repertoire Student Work. Anger following provocation in individuals with psychopathic characteristics Student Work. Annihilation and utter night: W. Yeats, T. Eliot, and a modern ist old nihilism Student Work. An annotated bibliography of music for horn, tuba and piano Student Work.

An annotated bibliography of pedagogical resources for the pre-college saxophonist Student Work. An annotated bibliography of works for solo marimba and electronics published from An annotated bibliography of works for tuba and euphonium premiered at the United States Arm An annotated catalog of the commissioned works of the Ithaca College Choral series published Antecedent factors associated with late birthtiming decisions of dual-career couples Student Work. The antecedents and correlates of the use of self-care for school-age children Student Work.

Anti-obesity mechanisms of conjugated linoleic acid CLA : role of inflammatory signaling an Anti-oppression imaginaries: art, process, and pedagogy Student Work. The antiobesity mechanism of conjugated linoleic acid Student Work. Anxiety and counseling self-efficacy among counseling students: the moderating role of mindf Appearance and the transition to motherhood: an exploration of consumption and identity cons The application of an optimal decision-making model within a higher education subsystem Student Work. The application of the principles of reality therapy on the student teaching experience : a The application of Section to teacher freedom of speech from Pickering to the present Student Work.

The application of a theoretical model of intergenerational helping to the older adult-sibli Applications of mass spectrometry surface sampling techniques towards natural products resea Applied anatomy in the studio : body mapping and clarinet pedagogy Student Work. Applying critical race theory to understand HIV testing experiences of black men with same-s Applying the use, methods, and values branches of Evaluations' theory tree to institutional An appraisal technique utilizing the cloze procedure for selecting general business instruct An approach to relieving anxiety in the mathematics classroom Student Work.

Approximation of neutral delay-differential equations Student Work. Arab children's play as a reflection of social interaction patterns of their culture Student Work. The arbiters of compromise: sectionalism, unionism, and secessionism in Maryland and North C Are you deaf or hard of hearing? Which do you go by: perceptions of students with hearing lo Are you serious? Art and stories of social justice identity development from white, christian women offer Ins Art as idolatry or sacred possibility : a hermeneutic study of art education Student Work. Aspects of a Lumbee indian community that support successful algebra one students academical Assai: historical contexts of a contested musical term Student Work.

Assertion in women's intercollegiate tennis singles Student Work.

rebecca redfern thesis Rebecca redfern thesis
rebecca redfern thesis Rebecca redfern thesis
rebecca redfern thesis Rebecca redfern thesis
rebecca redfern thesis Rebecca redfern thesis
rebecca redfern thesis Rebecca redfern thesis
rebecca redfern thesis Rebecca redfern thesis

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