The darmouth case essay

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It just ends up being roughly same numbers every year.

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It can't be a complete accident. Even though I didn't look at them I thought they brought down the quality of the applicant pool.

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Athletic admissions drags down academic quality as one could argue does minority admissions. We're taught to be sensitive of if their father or mother went to Dartmouth. Legacies are admitted at twice the rate of other students—though in part because they tend to be strong academically. Lots of people complain, but i found that people who were legacies were strong academically. It's when you get a sense of what the kids about.

We're looking for creativity, self-awareness. The biggest mistake is when they aren't very self-aware and write standard sports essay where they talk about the big game and that hurts them in the end. Not standing out is a big mistake for kids who are from demographic groups that are historically well represented. It's a question of the marginal case. Some cases are more contrived than others. I remember one essay about a girl who struggled with a broken family in the ghetto, who lacked nuclear family structure at home.

It was well-written, not case of pitying herself, but written matter of factly, very powerful. There's a way to do that and still be tasteful.

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You don't want to highlight a negative personality trait. Like if you're a complete narcissist, if that comes across in tone even though the essay is creative it will put off admissions officer.

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I do think kids need to think more about what they want to present. We have that already.

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Our source confirmed much of what we'd already suspected. Home — Dartmouth College. My fingers peck across the keyboard in swift and decisive strokes as they complete the final sentence to my paper. When my hands resign from my desk, I scan their impeccably crafted prose. I wince as the moment of truth approaches. In a bout of…. If my identity were built upon the different components of my name, my middle name, YingYing, would be the foundation.

In Mandarin Chinese,…. This notion has its roots in my 10th grade English class. In the vast transience of life, with incessant changes occurring in everything ranging from scientific theories to the behavior of friends, truths can be difficult to find, and even more complex to explain.

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As the world is based largely on perception, it is seemingly impossible…. I ducked into the trench and shut my eyes tightly, pressing myself against the wall of the trench and waiting for the impending explosion which would hit any moment now. When I think of heroes in my life, there are so many options to consider: who I am most like, who I have tried to emulate, who I aspire to be. Many could and would answer their parents, an older family member, or even a….

Having a positive, caring impact on people is a priority in my life, and I pride myself on being friendly and approachable, no matter the situation. These traits are important not just socially, but also in team environments. I believe that in order to be…. As a sixth-grader obsessed with the Seattle Mariners, I read the newspaper only for the sports page.

the darmouth case essay The darmouth case essay
the darmouth case essay The darmouth case essay
the darmouth case essay The darmouth case essay
the darmouth case essay The darmouth case essay
the darmouth case essay The darmouth case essay
the darmouth case essay The darmouth case essay
the darmouth case essay The darmouth case essay

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