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The reason is that marriage, as a public institution, has lost its authority in the issues of sex, parenthood, and the labor division in terms of gender. The most interesting point set forth by the author is that love appeared to be a destabilizing factor in marital relationships. The less romanticism and devotion marriage was expected to provide, the more stable it was supposed to be Coontz, , p. Since love implies higher emotional expectations, marriage is, therefore, fraught with severe frustrations which do not favor the creation of the good basis for stable family life.

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As a result, the demand for either staying single or getting a divorce eventually grew topical. The fact that the greater part of polled college men and women in the US in the considered marriage to be completely acceptable for economic rather than love reasons is also convincingly supportive of the view that love, as the motive power, made marriage a highly fragile institution Coontz, , p.

Another factor that contributed to the loss of credibility of marriage, according to Coontz , was the introduction of no-fault divorce laws that allowed getting a divorce in case spouses no longer loved each other p. The attitude towards divorced and unwed mothers has changed either: they are not regarded disgraceful as they were before, which, in turn, resulted in high divorce rates, the willingness to remain single, cohabitation, and unmarried child-raising.

To support this announcement, Coontz presents the Census results that show that the proportion of cohabiting and married couples with children in the US is 40 to 45 percent as cited in Coontz, , p. By recognizing the fact that conventional marriage has lost its positions, the author makes the reader look critically at the important social aspects behind standard piety that is so characteristic of the issue of marriage. I accept.

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Gay activists continue to argue for same sex marriage because it gives them the same rights and status as everyone else, they can make life or death decisions medically with regard to their partners, whereas at present this is not the case Giddens, Sullivan has argued that there is an increasing recognition that sexual orientation is conferred by nature rather than chosen and to act or legislate against homosexuals and forbid same sex marriage is to turn them into a marginalised and oppressed minority.

He contends that if this is not to happen then homosexuals must be given the right to become legally married. In the rights of a male gay couple had their parental rights upheld by having both their names on the birth certificate of children who had been born to a surrogate mother. Hartley-Brewer maintained that this meant the nuclear family was changing and the emphasis was on the fact that a child had loving nurturing parents regardless of their sexual orientation.

Marriage and How It Has Changed Essay

Calhoun argues from a lesbian perspective for the rights of gay families, thus she writes,. Calhoun is of the opinion that same sex households and relationships should be regarded as normal family relationships in the same way that heterosexual families have been views. She does not believe that same sex marriages tend to support the patriarchal familial structure because of the many forms that the family has taken in the contemporary world, same sex marriages and families are just one more variation on a theme Calhoun, If you are the original author of this content and no longer wish to have it published on our website then please click on the link below to request removal:.

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Medicine essays Miscellaneous essays Psychology essays Religious studies essays Science essays Sociology essays Essays menu. Same sex marriages, discuss? Introduction For a number of reasons same sex marriages have been a topic of debate for the last twenty years or so. Changing Family Structure In the last forty years the UK and other Western countries have experienced changes in marriage, household, and family forms that would have been unthinkable before the Second World War Giddens, Calhoun argues from a lesbian perspective for the rights of gay families, thus she writes, …artificial insemination, contract pregnancy, and the like undermine cultural understandings of the marital couple as a naturally reproductive unit, introduce non-related others into the reproductive process, and make it possible for women and men to have children without a homosexual partner Calhoun, Conclusion Clearly, even in the context of huge cultural changes and of the changing nature of marriage and the family, same sex families and marriage are still a matter of highly contested debate.

Calhoun argues that many see the changing nature of marriage and the changes in the reproductive process as a threat to the stability of society rather than an enrichment of it. Both gay and lesbian families and the unmarried mothers who live on state benefits have been scape-goated by government and society. In Britain, in the late s it was illegal to teach the acceptability of homosexual relationships as a legitimate form of family structure although this has now changed. Calhoun argues that this kind of scape-goating and resistance to same sex marriages is an attempt to disguise the departure from family norms by the majority of heterosexual couples.

Calhoun contends that the ideology of the family has played a distinctive role in the marginalisation of gay people and in social resistance to same sex households and marriages. Bibliography Giddens, Cambridge, Polity Press Haralambos,M. Holborn, M. Sociology: Themes and Perspectives.

The Love Sick Society

London, Harper Collins. Parsons, T. Abbott, P. An Introduction to Sociology: Feminist Perspectives. London, Routledge. British Social Attitudes Survey London, Macmillan.

marriage has changed essay Marriage has changed essay
marriage has changed essay Marriage has changed essay
marriage has changed essay Marriage has changed essay
marriage has changed essay Marriage has changed essay
marriage has changed essay Marriage has changed essay
marriage has changed essay Marriage has changed essay
marriage has changed essay Marriage has changed essay

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