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The Duke also considered loyal Desdemona, who clearly displayed her unconditional love for Othello by asking whether she can accompany him to Cyprus. This shows that Desdemona does not feel any remorse or concern knowing that she probably will be frowned upon and degraded by the Venetian society due to her relationship with Othello.

He breaks away from the normal structure of the tragedy by including melodramatic elements which serves as catalysts to cause the controversy to the central morals of the play. This might be more acceptable in a 21st century audience, in comparison to a 16th century audience, who will, most certainly, frown upon such a display of affection between a white aristocratic female and a black male, who is only the General in the Army.

This can also be seen as one of the elements that prepare us for the tragedy to come. Desdemona, being initially a faithful and loyal daughter, which is expected from a woman of the 16th century, has to present an image of being meek and docile. She should obey her father but she defied him. This is uncharacteristic and would be seriously frowned upon by the Venetian Society. Women were perceived as possessions of their fathers who then became possessions of their husbands.

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Sadly, unbeknown to Desdemona, the husband whom she has put so much faith into will savagely and violently turn against her. His sense of reason was absolutely removed when he had to consider the allegations made against his wife. The theme of illusion and reality is quite obvious in Othello. Having the opposites of appearance versus reality in a play is important, as it helps to show the character of Othello for what he is. This again reinforces the male dominating hierarchy over the inferiority of women and clearly shows that wives are indeed possessions of their husbands. He sees her as a wanton whore who deserves the harshest of punishments, which is death.

Due to her naivety in this belief, this unfortunately seals her death warrant. Similarly, her naivety is seen when she speaks to Emilia and Emilia convinces her that there are indeed women who are deceitful to their husbands. Desdemona had never even considered this possibility within any marriage. The audience will see Desdemona, till the end, as a loyal wife, who maintains her allegiance and love to Othello through thick and thin.

Othello, on the other hand, moves from a strong, brave and loving soldier and husband to weak, deceitful and hated character. Through analysing this play, one can come to understand the dangers of racial injustice in relationships, especially in the relationship of Othello and Desdemona and the setting of the play, thus the conventions of the time. Othello is therefore the victim of the pervasive social stereotypes which definitely and certainly lead to his downfall and fall from grace. Brabantio thereby reveals that he has been secretly afraid of Othello and projects this fear onto Desdemona.

Also, Brabantio is concerned about Desdemona more because of how she affects his reputation than anything else. As long as Desdemona is a pretty trifle to show off — like a fancy handkerchief — Brabantio is pleased with her. The power Othello gains by marrying Desdemona is the power of assimilation into Venetian society. He has already been accepted by the other important men as a great general and talented storyteller, but not as one of them. When he marries Desdemona, he becomes a part of society, but his station is artificial because it is only provided by his marriage to Desdemona.

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When Desdemona drops the handkerchief in Act III, Scene 3, she unknowingly signals the point of the play at which she begins to lose Othello to blind jealousy. The handkerchief becomes an extension of the power that Desdemona used to embody. His whole plan is to point out to Othello that Cassio has the handkerchief, therefore proving to Othello that Cassio and Desdemona are engaging in an affair. Just like the handkerchief, Iago is not what he seems.

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Iago makes himself appear like a dutiful ensign, when in reality, he is evil and cunning. He would otherwise be an unimportant person in the world of Desdemona and Othello, just as the handkerchief would be an unimportant object if Iago did not imbue it with importance as the center of his plans. Iago is motivated by his admiration of Desdemona, yet his jealousy provokes him to sabotage her by making her husband suspicious of her. When Iago has the handkerchief, he also has Desdemona. Perhaps Othello never told her that if she lost it, he would loathe her because he wanted to use the handkerchief as a test of her love.

In the same conversation, Desdemona accuses Othello of introducing the topic of the handkerchief as a means of distracting her from their previous discussion, in which she was trying to convince him to promote Cassio.

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He feels he must act, and nearly kills Cassio. She denies ever giving the handkerchief to Cassio, saying Cassio probably found it after she dropped it.

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Othello does not believe her, and smothers her to death. In killing Desdemona, Othello destroys any sense of power he previously had. Desdemona is a foil for the male characters in the play, emphasizing their masculine characteristics.

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Brabantio gains the power of reputation from Desdemona by being her father. The power Desdemona and the handkerchief represent are killed when Desdemona is smothered.

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  7. Othello dies, and Iago is captured and probably killed after the end of the play. Othello ends in tragedy because the male characters do not actually exhibit personal power. Instead, they must seek artificial power from an outside source, such as a woman or an object. Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student. Sorry, copying is not allowed on our website. We will occasionally send you account related emails. Want us to write one just for you? Greek mythology research project: Phoebe Essay. Reading Techniques In Beowulf Essay.

    othello desdemona relationship essay Othello desdemona relationship essay
    othello desdemona relationship essay Othello desdemona relationship essay
    othello desdemona relationship essay Othello desdemona relationship essay
    othello desdemona relationship essay Othello desdemona relationship essay
    othello desdemona relationship essay Othello desdemona relationship essay
    othello desdemona relationship essay Othello desdemona relationship essay

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