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The seats were a stripey velour that stuck to the backs of my legs when the air conditioning stopped working, and the back window was lined…. Haven't found the right essay? Get an expert to write your essay! Get your paper now. Professional writers and researchers. Sources and citation are provided.

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Columbia University Application Essays. The Storyteller: College Admission Essay Sample I learned to write essays like prefabricated housing and sensible shoes—standardized, impeccable, identical. No flight of fancy dared disturb the military precision of my supporting arguments as they marched in brigades of four to five sentences, intent upon storming the fortress and seizing the A-plus… National Universities Application Essays 1 Page. My Interests: College Admission Essay Sample For as long as I can remember, the concept of currency and the exchange of goods and services has always fascinated me.

Growing up, I observed cashiers nonchalantly letting people walk away with goods in exchange for nothing more than a swipe of a plastic… National Universities Application Essays 1 Page. Saugus replies threads Registered User Senior Member. January edited December in Columbia University. Tell us something meaningful about one of the above publications: "For the past four years, College Confidential has been a second home to me as I meticulously constructed each portion of my application, so that it was impeccable.

Why The Columbia ’17 Freshmen Should Be Proud of Their “Pretentious” Admissions Essays

College Confidential taught me that an SAT score of just wasn't good enough, and correctly advised me to sit in my room with a box of hot pockets and a Barron's review book rather than go outside and do something constructive for this world. It paid off, as at the expense of 3, hours of my life which I will never have back, I gained 90 points, thus bringing my score to an acceptable superscored.

However, they also instructed me that it was pivotal to appear "well-rounded" and "passionate" to admissions officers. Unfortunately, "standing out" was also a requirement for admission to a top school such as Yale. With this in mind, I founded a Rotary Interact club and faked my way all the way to the rank of Governor for my college applications.

After that, I travailed to build and chair an international council so that I could look even more impressive to admissions officers. Unfortunately, I will be a victim of one of the great crimes in this world: affirmative action. As an "overrepresented minority," I am apparently a second-class human being.

If I am rejected, this will be the sole reason why.

College Confidential has given me a means to commiserate with others over this disgusting racism. I used the knowledge I obtained from this rigorous course to solidify my conservative beliefs, which will fit in well at Columbia. I am a staunch opponent of progressive taxation for reasons obvious to even the most obtuse Brown student. The historical evidence is bountiful. The higher the tax rates on the rich, the worse the state of the country.

This is why Presidents who imposed near flat-rate taxes, such as Herbert Hoover, oversaw thriving economies, while morons such as FDR, Truman, and Bill Clinton oversaw horrible ones. Perhaps the greatest villain in American history, though, is Dwight D. Eisenhower was widely considered by the American public to be a vile creature fit only for the sewers, and today many remain appalled at the disastrous projects which occurred during his administration, such as the Interstate Highway system.

Also, Grover Norquist is always right. Like Michele Bachmann, I am strongly in favor of terminating the U. Also, considering our past success in Vietnam and Iraq, I feel that declaring war on them is the most viable option at this time. Or maybe we could stage a coup.

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I also like the class because I got a 5 on the exam. I suffer from an inferiority complex and thus need a big-name school to hide my insecurity. Also, Ivy League schools are the only places where one can get a decent education. Upon graduation, I will be able to get a job at Goldman Sachs and scam all of the peasants in this world out of their hard earned money. Columbia is instantly going to make me successful.

What makes a great college application essay? - Jordan Goldman

The second reason why I will attend Columbia if Princeton doesn't take me off their deferral list is because of its top-notch business education. The Leonard Stern School of Business is one of the premier undergraduate business programs in the country and will allow me to indulge in fascinating intellectual subjects such as stochastic calculus and corporate law, both of which were invented by Leonardo Di Caprio during the Renaissance. Happy writing!


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college essays that worked columbia College essays that worked columbia
college essays that worked columbia College essays that worked columbia
college essays that worked columbia College essays that worked columbia
college essays that worked columbia College essays that worked columbia
college essays that worked columbia College essays that worked columbia
college essays that worked columbia College essays that worked columbia
college essays that worked columbia College essays that worked columbia

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