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No notes for slide. The clip isshowing two pajts" of tension with the build-up to the death of V and therevolution. But this time they are notclose-lips of just the television but medium shots of the room with the televisionin. One of these rooms is a pub that earlier in the film is crowded and now isempty with no one even behind the bar. The rooms are still lit up though producing another clever cliche. The lights areon but no ones homC This is telling us that the public are joining the revolution.

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A backlight is used to show that coming down here is it, there is non getting out again. Making the hall feel like a dungeon. Top lighting is on thg chancellors-head with a medium shot making it feel like heis being interrogated. The light is being projected by a torch, in a cinema this willhave stunned the audience going from such dark shots to a quick burst of lightputting you in the chancellors rj0sition where he is being unmasked. Showingthe surprise and shock.

VThe quick cuts are finished now, there is just one long clip of V walkingover tothe chancellor and bending down showing his superiority at the mroxent Thelong clip has slowed everything down and brings everything down to Earth, aswe all know the chancellor and his empire are doomeu. The camera now does a point of view shot of thechancellor dsing a low-angle shot of the senior official pointing a gun at him.

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Thesenior official says disgusting and shoots the chancellor showing victim versusvictor. The chancellor appears on the screen with a close-up shot of th. We then zoom out to a medium shot to see him fall to the ground.

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V refuses and two officials close in on him both holding their gunsaiming right at hm. The slow walk towards V is one long clip building thetension but when V attacks then the pacing becomes quicker and numerous likein most fight -scenes.

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This makes the fight look better than it really is becauseafter all it is not real. Whenhis knifes are drawn they are in the shape of a Vwhich is his symbol. This shows V totally alone and heavily outnumbers. When the gunfire stops so does the music building up even more tension. As the audience do no know if he is dead or not! The camera follows the knives in slow motion as theyhit men on either side of the senior official.

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In slow motion V takes out the restof the officials until just the senior official is left. This showshow the senior official now has nothing left vAs V makes a speech about how ideas are bulletproof hence why he did not diewhen twelve men were shooting at him he grabs the senior chancellor by theneck and strangles him to death as he said he would eariier in the clip. The outside of the house is illuminated entirely by natural light thus being much more glamorous therefore more appealing however he still holds distain towards it, in contrast the interior of the house is fuelled by minimal lighting which is significantly more realistic.

Lester has already foreshadowed his imminent death via voice over thus establishing the climax, building constant anticipation which makes the viewer become emotionally attached to the protagonist thus evoking empathy towards him and his circumstance. The explicit performance of Lester during the masturbation scene in the shower reflects the realistic approach to the film, the initial shock of this scene can be uncomfortable for less mature audiences, and however it entices the viewer into the realistic world of Lester which is uncountable to the majority of the population who indulge in similar activities.

The claustrophobic experience within a shower cubicle can metaphorically represent a prison cell thus being imprisoned into a mundane suburban lifestyle. Whilst the Carolyn and Jane are waiting impatiently for Lester to proceed towards the noticeably expensive yet convention middle class car, basic processes such as making sure the suitcase is shut correctly emphasises his severe lack of motivation and commitment to life.

Her formal makes her seem significantly more financially independent, reinforced by the low angle perspective of Lester, making her seem significantly more intimidating and authoritative thus not requiring his assistance, potentially holding her back economically. The camera cuts to the family motionless within the car, unresponsive to one another with a significant lack of acknowledgement reinforced the extent of the families communicational breakdown, Lester is seen sitting on the back seat of the car slumped, possibly even asleep whilst his wife and daughter sit in the front eager to get on with their social life, whether it is work or school.

Lester positioned between the two within the medium shot, displays his prominence however his physical existence is lacking, possibly lost during the recent years which he has been entirely consumed by the capitalist society. The clothing worn by Lester is representative of his social class; social indicators including his house, car and clothing coincide with the typical middle class individual.

Show related SlideShares at end. WordPress Shortcode. Full Name Comment goes here. Are you sure you want to Yes No. Net at DigitalEssay. Net Digitalessay. You can also request things like research papers or dissertations. Lauren Mather. Cyril Asomani , Admin at Credit Union. Show More. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. This should be between and words and should focus on a 3 - 5 minute sequence from a film of your own choice.

You must, however agree the film with your teacher first. You must choose to write about one - three of the micro features: cinematography. Introduction Your introduction should end by identifying which film and which sequence you are going to use in your analysis. Your introduction should show your reader that you understand the importance of micro elements in the creation of meaning and audience response.

You should summarise the main types of meaning which can be generated by the micro elements you have chosen to study.

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Micro features are used interdependently by filmmakers and you will need to discuss how your chosen elements work together, as well as separately, to create meaning and response. The exam board encourages you to use screen shots in your analysis. This is to avoid too much description and will allow you to focus on analysing the effects.

Conclusion Your conclusion should summarise the meanings and responses you think your chosen micro elements have generated. You should also comment on whether or not you think the micro elements you have analysed have produced meaning and response effectively in your chosen sequence. You should also feel free to include images — sketches of key frames or film stills if this helps with your analysis.

Micro Analysis Getting Started Once you have chosen your film sequence you should watch it several times making notes on your chosen aspect. If you have not yet chosen which aspect of film language you are going to focus on then these screening will help you to do this. Remember you should focus on a maximum of two aspects of film language.

Film studies micro features essay topics

The analysis must have detailed references to the text so you may find it easier to write your notes in three columns to help you do this: Observation Example Evaluation Costume is used to show When Jeff enters the This suggests he is details about how the brightly lit bar, he is alienated from those characters are feeling dressed in grey where all around him and of the other characters gives the audience a are dressed in bright sense of his colours depressed state of mind You should then start to group your ideas and see if you can come up with an overall reading of the clip: After looking at the cinematography in the sequence from Jurassic Park it is obvious that the camerawork is used to make the audience feel the panic that the characters feel.

From this you should be able to formulate a question or hypothesis. Your response will focus on answering this question. The Analysis Your introduction should outline the film, the director and the sequence that you are to focus on. You may which to include a short sentence synopsis of the film outline of the story. The main body of the essay should be your analysis. There are two possible ways of approaching this: Chronologically Thematically Whichever you choose, you should stick to it throughout the analysis.

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Micro essay film studies

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