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A hundred or more years ago, a judge lived there who was notorious for his harsh sentences. Witham does not know what there is against the house itself, but she is genuinely worried.

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Malcolmson assures her that he will be too busy with mathematics to be disturbed by anything mysterious. Witham offers to secure the necessary provisions for him while Malcolmson goes out to engage the old woman recommended by the agent. With help from Mrs. Witham and Mrs. Dempster, the charwoman, Malcolmson settles in the great dining room of the old house which is big enough to serve as his apartment. Witham offers kind wishes before running off, too scared to stay any longer. Dempster says she is not afraid of bogies because they are only rats, creaky doors, and so on. She tells Malcolmson there are many rats in the old wainscoting.

Dempster sets to work. By the time she leaves for the night, the room is clean and comfortably tidy, with a fire burning in the old hearth and supper on the table. After supper, Malcolmson takes out his books and begins to study. He works hard till eleven o'clock then takes a break.

As he sips his tea, he starts to hear the rats. The noises grow louder as the rats get used to having a stranger in the room. Malcolmson can hear them gnawing, scratching, and racing up and down behind the old wainscoting. He takes his lamp and walks around, examining the room and admiring the beautifully carved oak wainscoting, doors, and windows. There are old pictures on the walls, but they are coated with dust and dirt and he cannot see any details.

As he goes around, Malcolmson sees rats peeking through cracks and holes. In the corner of the room to the right side of the fireplace is a rope hanging from the great alarm bell on the roof. Malcolmson pulls up a high-backed oak chair and sits down in front of the fire to finish his tea before going back to work at the table.

He gets used to the noises and soon becomes immersed in his mathematics. It is nearly dawn when Malcolmson looks up. The noises have suddenly ceased. On the high-backed oak chair is an enormous rat glaring at him. He tries to shoo it away, but it bares its teeth and refuses to move. Amazed, Malcolmson grabs the poker and runs at it.

The rat runs up the rope and disappears into the darkness. As soon as it is gone, the rats begin to make noises again. Hearing a cock crow outside, Malcolmson decides to go to bed. Malcolmson sleeps soundly until Mrs. Dempster wakes him for breakfast. Refreshed by strong tea, he goes out for a walk, taking along his book and some sandwiches.

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He spends most of the day studying in a quiet spot then stops at the inn on the way back. He thanks Mrs. Witham and tells her about the rats and the "one wicked-looking old devil" that sat on his chair by the fire. Although Malcolmson laughs about it, Mrs. Witham tells him to take care, saying that it may indeed have been the old devil himself.

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On the second evening, the rats begin making noises earlier, and some even venture out on the floor. Malcolmson finds it difficult to concentrate at first, but he eventually becomes engrossed in his work. His concentration is broken when the room becomes quiet. The rope moves slightly.

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Looking over, Malcolmson sees the giant rat back on the chair. He starts throwing books at it, but the rat dodges them easily. He grabs another book and stands up. Now the rat seems afraid. Heartened by the reaction, Malcolmson throws the book and strikes the rat. With a terrible squeak, it looks at him malevolently then runs up the rope and disappears through a hole in one of the pictures, the third from the fireplace.

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Picking up the books, Malcolmson is startled to see that the one that hit the rat was the Bible his mother gave him. He sits down as the rats begin to make noises again. He is too distracted to work, however, and gives up at dawn. After a heavy but dream-filled sleep, Malcolmson wakes late in the morning feeling uneasy.

He asks Mrs. Dempster to clean the pictures then goes out to his quiet spot again. He is able to make some progress with his mathematics problems in the afternoon.

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His mood improved, Malcolmson stops at the inn on his way back. Witham introduces him to a Dr.

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Thornhill, and the doctor advises him to give up strong tea and the late hours. Malcolmson thanks the doctor and the landlady for their concern then tells them about the enormous rat. The doctor listens with grave attention and informs Malcolmson that the rope the rat ran up is the very rope that was used to hang the Judge's victims. After Malcolmson leaves, Mrs. Witham scolds the doctor for talking about the history of the rope and upsetting the student even more. Thornhill explains that he mentioned it on purpose to bring attention to the rope.

In case Malcolmson becomes frightened in the night, the doctor hopes he will pull the rope and sound the alarm bell. Malcolmson returns to the house late. Dempster has already left. The place is bright and the fire is welcome on a cold and windy evening. Malcolmson sits down to dinner in good spirits, glad for the noises of the rats which keep him company. As he studies after dinner, the winds turn into a storm and the house begins to shakes with the gale. The rope rises and falls as the alarm bell swings on the roof.

Malcolmson remembers what the doctor told him about the rope. He walks over, takes the rope in his hand, and begins to think about the Judge and his victims. If you have a consumer complaint, submit it online to the Indy Star Call For Action consumer helpline. We are very sorry we did not have enough entries," home owner Rhonda Pennington posted on the Facebook page. I am encouraging and working with the bank to expedite the refund process.

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But a Hanover spokeswoman said the college pulled out of the contest more than two months before the deadline for entries. Burch, the school's senior director of communications and marketing. Please direct all further inquiries to Rhonda Pennington, as this will be our only statement on this matter.

the judges house essay The judges house essay
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the judges house essay The judges house essay
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the judges house essay The judges house essay
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the judges house essay The judges house essay

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