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Why Are the Two Films Useful for Understanding the Screen History?

Gary Cooper, the top-billed star, was a familiar cowboy face with a western drawl to match, but he was in his third decade as a revered movie star, a little elderly for the rough stuff and with acting chops to spare. The innovation of High Noon is that it's significant, but not big. Its understated but unforgettable opening — three bad men Lee Van Cleef, Robert Wilkie, Sheb "Flying Purple People Eater" Wooley at the station, waiting around on a Sunday morning while Tex Hitter's ballad explains the plot — prefaces a movie that takes place almost in real time, from mid-morning to just after midday, and never strays far from the main street of the western township of Hadleyville.

In the s and 50s, high-stakes westerns were inclined to the epic, with Technicolor mesas and deserts and hordes of cowboy and Indian extras, but High Noon could be a TV script.

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Its style is like that character-and-suspense-based drama which would evolve when American television was broadcast live from New York. The simmering resentment of sidelined Deputy Pell Lloyd Bridges that his soon-to-be-ex boss, retiring Marshal Will Kane Cooper , didn't get him appointed the new law in town pays off with a fistfight at the halfway point, but otherwise the film is all about suspense rather than action. Guns aren't drawn in anger until the last five minutes, when the streets are clear for one of the best gun fights in the movies.

The plot nugget is that just as Kane has married Amy Grace Kelly and handed in his star, Hadleyville learns that Frank Miller Ian MacDonald , the villain who used to run the place, has been pardoned by, "them Northern politicians".

Obviously, referring to the genre, Zinnemann sought to use its popular form to realize the ideas standing far beyond the traditional scale of values of films about the conquest of the Wild West. The film shooting started in During the film-making process, Carl Foreman was added to the Hollywood blacklist, and Kramer withdrew his name from the credits, although this did not prevent the fact that Foreman was nominated for Oscar. The film was released on July 24, , and was successful at the distribution: with a budget of , US dollars, the worldwide box office amounted to 18 million dollars.

This action movie by Robert Rodriguez captures from the first minute and keeps in tense and suspense until the very titles, forcing the viewers to get alarmed and enjoy the stunning play of the world famous actors. It was also a very popular film since it featured numerous Hollywood stars and its director had been in the top ten best films for some weeks along with Spy Kids.

That is one of the reasons why the Mexico Trilogy became the first trilogy of Rodriguez. The plot of this outstanding action movie tells the story of how the familiar guitarist El Mariachi is trying to stop a drug lord named Barril, who intends to make a real revolution in Mexico and overthrow the president. He will have to go through fire and water to achieve his task and prevent a bloody revolution.

The music composed for Once Upon A Time In Mexico plays a significant role Rodriguez , underlying the dynamics of the action and binding the image and the sound.

Analysis Of Western Films "Shane" And "High Noon"

Actually, Rodriguez took under control many aspects of the development of movies; he acted as a writer, producer, and director. The industry of this movie was not located in the United States of America. It was filmed in Mexico, and there were many Mexican actors hired: for the crowd scenes Rodriguez hired even ordinary Mexicans with no special theatrical education. Rodriguez The battle scene at the closing stages was hoped to be peopled by the Mexican military forces, but they refused due to conflicts with the scenario.

So, the army was played by dwellers Rodriguez The Techniscope method was widely employed in s when High Noon was made Belton Finally, the role of Will Kane was played by Gary Cooper. The actor was suffering from a bleeding ulcer and pain in his back at that time. He did not even want to appear in the final shootout, but he still refused to have the understudy. The film was the debut work of Lee Van Cleef, although he does not say a single replica throughout the film.

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Extreme close-ups were used in the film to eliminate any feeling of interiority of the characters. These close-up sequences used in culmination battle scenes, for example, the three-way duel scene, both intensify and suppress the Hollywood method of narrativizing reactions Smith Unlike the 20th century, there stands no question of whether to shoot in color in the epoch of Rodriguez.

His films cannot be even imagined black and white: they are so bright, tense, and saturated. The action scenes are shot masterly and juicily.

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In each stage of the film brings about more suspense and gives a deeper insight into the key ideas of the film. These range from the sinister threat to the friendly cohesive town to the character of Kane and lastly the complication in the film.

Movie Review : ' High Noon '

The director shapes our understanding of each of these by the progression of various techniques such as camera shots, effective characterisation, repetition as well as music. In the first segment the audience is introduced to the main ideas of the film. The sinister trio, the cohesive town, Kane's character as well as the ever-present complication are the four ideas shape the whole film.

The director uses various techniques to give the audience a brief impression of the key ideas. The first idea is the 'bad guys' or the enemy which is a norm for westerns. The techniques used are simplistic yet effective in creating a sense of anxiety as well as tension and suspense.

Firstly the 'bad guys' have the 'rough and tough' appearance. The use of effective characterisation gives the audience an idea whether or not he is a 'baddie'.

high noon analysis essay High noon analysis essay
high noon analysis essay High noon analysis essay
high noon analysis essay High noon analysis essay
high noon analysis essay High noon analysis essay
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high noon analysis essay High noon analysis essay

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